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Gold bullion bars for sale in the UK

Gold Bars For Sale

Invest in pure gold bullion bars via your SIPP pension

By its very nature, saving for retirement is a long term provision, and therefore a balanced portfolio is the most prudent hedge against any one asset's value falling. The need for pension balance is even more relevant to those entering the final ten years before their planned retirement. A steep drop in the stock market for instance can severely dent a pension's value, and sometimes be too late to replenish.

Physical gold bullion bars provide balance for two reasons. First, its asset qualities are totally unique when compared to paper assets. Second, gold bars tend to rise in value when many of the traditional assets fall, providing the portfolio insurance every pension should have.

Gold bars have provided a natural safe haven for hundreds of years due to its enduring, tangible qualities and provides far greater portfolio balance than many of the complex financial instruments on offer to today's investors.

The UK government has recognized the need for the public to save more for their retirement, and in 2006 updated the list of qualifying pension assets to include investment gold. Relaxed rules mean a more flexible lifetime limit for contributions, so you can save more when you can afford to. Find out more about investing via a pension.

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